How to make dick bigger at home

Surely this problem was interested in those who wanted to approach to it creatively and inexpensively. And the reason could be dissatisfaction with their natural abilities and desire to fix them. Besides home methods of penis enlargement in and of themselves presuppose the availability and simplicity, relative safety.

how to increase the member

Since the problem of increase of a member in the home remains relevant still, then start to formulate the advantages of this method over the other. The home penis enlargement method:

  • easy to use – enough to learn the course exercises training video
  • economical as compared to expensive creams, stimulants and surgery
  • not tied to time and place, moreover, does not require special conditions to perform special techniques
  • safer and more predictable than with surgery

Perhaps the most important in correcting penis size at home – it is an independent approach in the selection of methods that meets your own wishes and characteristics of the organism. In this case the desired effect and the method of its achievement will depend entirely on you.

The normal size of a member

Let's start with the fact that the parameters of the member – the notion of a purely individual, and to a greater extent due to heredity. What is the norm? Most likely it is something average: General standards is the member, not less than eight inches in length.

In reality, it turns out that not everything depends on penis size and not all he decides. There is an art of love, mutual feelings, preferences of the partner and the owner of the men's dignity. It is proved that the quality of intimacy penis size does not have a decisive significance.

However, the desire to take measurements with the phallus was brought to life and there are even recommendations about it. Measurements are made at the excited member under an angle of 90 degrees to the torso – measure the distance from the pubis to the glans along its back.

According to the conducted experiments it was established:

  • owners of small penises up to 8 cm make up only 1 %
  • small penis 8-12 cm and 2% of men
  • penis normal size – 12 cm – 55%
  • members of more than 15-20 cm are considered impressive in size and are less than half

Such an approach is considered to be the normal penis size of 5-10 cm in a flaccid state, and 14-16 cm girth of 3-4 cm during erection. In turn, these dimensions are optimal as long as they meet the scope and depth of the vagina. All other problems regarding penis size are more contrived and purely psychological.

It is quite objective and understandable reasons that affect the size of the penis, can be attributed only to the genetic and racial characteristics and the character development of a teenager in puberty. While that is the norm for Africans to Chinese can be an accomplishment.

Is it possible to enlarge the penis at home, true or not ?

The answer is Yes. Another matter which method is chosen and why. Everyone from home methods of penis enlargement, there are advantages and disadvantages.

We should also highlight the physical exercises and techniques which help you to bring the member to a qualitatively different state, it is:

  • a set of exercises according to the method Kegel
  • massage, aimed at active points responsible for the condition of the genital organs
  • direct massage of the penis

There is a way to influence a member to increase its size by using different devices:

  • vacuum pump
  • extender
  • hanging loads

In some cases, you can bet on the so-called "quick methods" of penis enlargement is:

  • the use of various gels, sprays, ointments and creams, so-called lubricants
  • welcome gormonoterapii medicines and dietary Supplements

Finally, you can increase the member in such a radical way as surgery or just to use for penis enlargement special nozzle.

The variants of physical impact member can be added and tested methods of traditional medicine, which will allow to consolidate the result achieved.

Once You have made a final decision to increase the member by yourself using home remedies, read details with each of them, and better yet, enlist the support of a specialist who can help you in making the right choice.

And one more thing – pay attention to a comprehensive approach to the problem. The combination of several methods of penis enlargement will probably yield a better result than any one of them. In any case, stock up on patience, patience, and aim for regular use of techniques that increase the penis.

How to make dick bigger at home ?

the size of the member

It's free and quick. It seems so increase member at home. But there are a few requirements, without which the execution of the task is unlikely to be successful. This clarity and the correct application of all the actions chosen method of penis enlargement. Plus the high self-organization and patience that will be needed for the continued progress towards the target.

If consistently fulfil all these requirements, then almost any method will give a real opportunity to increase the member, without leaving home. So, after selecting a certain technique or techniques, you can increase the efficiency of procedures combining them with each other or by connecting to the process, additional incentives in the form of special diets, and lubricants.

What methods men prefer the most? As it turned out this:

  • massage technique presents a set of exercises according to the method of the so-called Kegel and massage
  • the impact on the member by vacuum suction
  • hanging weights to the member
  • the use of lubricants in the form of stimulating growth of a member of creams, ointments, sprays and gels
  • application hormonotherapy drugs


This type of technology is aimed at boosting blood flow to the penis. Before you begin any of the exercises, it is recommended to warm up the sexual organ with the help of compress. You can use a towel soaked in hot water, or warming a bag of cereal.

Complex Kegel. Used for prevention of male diseases and sexual disorders and also for strengthening and increasing the size of the penis. The effect of exercises aimed at strengthening the pubic-coccygeal muscles (LMC). It is easy to detect when you stop the jet during urination is the muscle that is experiencing tension, and is a pubic-coccygeal. Further training is to alternate tension and relaxation of the LMB. You can start with the 3-second interval of compression, and relax for 20 times in one approach. The exercise is performed several times a day. Then time compression is increased to 10 seconds rest for 4 seconds. To check how strengthened coatings can be trying to move my excited cock and making him jump. Exercise should be done regularly, not to stop.

Jelcing. This technique is applied according to the type of movements called "milking". Used in dry and wet version.

Before beginning the massage, the member is required to warm up with a compress in order to increase its elasticity cavernous bodies. Then at part 50% erection member to start moving from the base of the penis to his head, holding the trunk closed in a ring with thumb and forefinger. To move along a member of the special his movements slowly and carefully. Reaching the head, change hands and continue the movement. To repeat a set of extrusions 40 times. Then their number gradually from time to time to increase.

There is a variant of the technique jelqing, when movements are performed while squeezing the shaft with his palm. It is possible to complement the massage compressed member movements left, right, up and down.

Another type of jelqing – wet – is performed using a special moisturizing cream member.


This method of penis stretching is rooted in the practices of the African peoples, in which there was a belief that the sexual organ is the abode of the Holy spirit. Believed that increasing the size of a member, thereby expanding the abode of the spirit. Boys since childhood, being suspended from the member weights, thus training him. Despite the simplicity of this method, you should not go for him, as the stretching member can break his erection.

The essence of the method of penis enlargement using weights is as follows. To perform the exercise, lie down on the bed pre-heating of the member by using compress. The barrel member and area head better to wrap the elastic bandage. Elastic bandage the base of the penis puts a metal clamp, which is attached to the end of the rope connected with suspended to it by the load. As a sinker you can use a water bottle.

Then you try to get up, when this occurs, the stretch fabrics of a member. A similar procedure should be no more than 15 minutes a day.

This is quite a dangerous procedure it is possible to replace the wearing of the extender, which gives a gradual stretching of the penis in its fixed position.


This method of penis enlargement is considered the most effective and safe. With the help of special devices — vacuum pumps – in the flask around the member creates a low pressure, whose action increases blood flow to it, and is stretching to its cavernous bodies. In the end, the trunk diameter is increased by 1-2 cm.

Before using the vacuum pump it is recommended to treat a member of cream. Due to the fact that the effect of the pump is temporary, it is better to use it directly before sex.

Gels, creams, ointments, sprays

The so-called lubricants in the nature are divided into:

  • short-term medications designed for one sex act
  • drugs aimed at long-term exposure
  • drugs that provide ancillary action

The latter are among the most reliable, as their action is backed up by the same massage, pump or extender. Well with its task handle lubricants short-term actions. As for "long-playing" products, their effectiveness is highly questionable.

Its composition and action of lubricants similar in many ways. As a rule, they contain amino acids and minerals, essential oils and tannins, pectins and polysaccharides. Sometimes the composition of the gels added hormones. The action of lubricants is aimed at strengthening the erection by stimulating blood flow to the penis. At the same time it to swell and increase in size.


the penis enlargement at home

This method of penis enlargement is fraught with unpredictable consequences. The assertion that the use of testosterone ensures increase phallus is only partly true.

To fix the parameters of the penis with the help of hormone therapy is possible only in the period of puberty. In men after 20 years testosterone has no significant effect on penis enlargement. It is worth considering what the doctors prescribe hormones only in extreme cases, mainly in underdevelopment of the penis. Besides hormonal drugs have many side effects, can cause harm, and in this case their effectiveness is highly questionable.