Vacuum pump for penis enlargement

You use a vacuum pump may every man who wants to increase his virility. It helps to strengthen the blood circulation in the genital area that leads to the manifestation of these effects:

how to increase the member
  • The increase in fullness of the cavernous bodies it causes the size increase. Usually gives short-term effect, with a decrease erection is terminated. But with the systematic application and use of video instructions for the vacuum pump can fix the result with minimum risk of side effects. Also achieved correction of the shape of the member and its rectification.
  • Improved erection is achieved by strengthening of inflow of blood to the area of the penis. The use of vacuum pumps for men helps to restore a strong erection that can persist for a long time.
  • Improvement of blood supplythat occurs as a result of the development of artificial blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Stimulating blood flow, which can be seen in the video where it shows how to use vacuum pump for men helps increase the transport of blood through the vessels and to avoid circulatory disorders. That's when the disruption of blood flow in the pelvic region develop diseases such as hemorrhoids and prostatitis.
  • The increase in sensitivity is due to hyperemia of tissue. This helps make sensation from the sex brighter, and the orgasms are strong.

Important point!

Definitely need to read the instruction manual which tells how to properly and safely use a vacuum pump. If used improperly, you can get the opposite effect the sensitivity of your penis will decrease and the orgasms will be extremely difficult.

The use of a vacuum pump based on the alternating pressure. The device consists of a sealed tube and devices for pumping air.

There are open and closed tube.

  • In open pipes is missing a special ring at the base. Such pipes are more difficult to create the vacuum, require more conditions for normal operation.
  • In closed tubes, the use is made easier by the availability of a special ring. This ring allows for greater leak, which leads to the relief of vacuum. The use of a vacuum pump in the video in most cases shown with such devices. The ring helps to slow the outflow of blood from the penis, allowing you to achieve a stronger and longer erection.

When you create a lower pressure inside the tube in the cavernous body of the member began to arrive blood. This leads to the fact that a member becomes hard and men getting a hard-on.

To enhance the erection device can be used before intercourse. This application helps to enlarge the penis and prolong the period of arousal. For this you need to use a vacuum pump to increase at the initial stages of arousal. For preventive use, the device uses not excited member.

Upon learning of the existence increasing the size of penis pumps, men first want to study the principle of its action. As mentioned earlier, the device is several times increases the supply of blood to area of genitals. Due to this, provides the following effects:

  • Increased filling of the cavernous bodies. This is what leads to the fact that the penis becomes larger. The effect goes together with the departure of erection. If you use the pump regularly, the chances for an extended consolidation of results are greatly increased.
  • Enhanced erection. Status is achieved through active blood flow to the intimate area. Due to this, recovering a stable erection that may last for several hours.
  • Improved blood flow. This effect is provided by the appearance of artificial circulation of bodily fluid in the area of small pelvis organs. Pump enhances the transport of the blood, whereby is solved the problem of impaired blood supply. And it is an excellent prevention, prevent the development of prostatitis and hemorrhoid.
  • The increase in sensitivity. This result is consistent with hyperemia of the tissues. Pump makes sexual intercourse more intense, and the orgasm is bright.

To achieve such effects will only be those men who use the device in accordance with the instructions.

If in the course of committing the manipulation will be admitted blunders, you can expect the opposite result.

The vacuum pump is a simple device consisting of a transparent envelope with latex attachments, rubber bulb that connects to a rubber tube or other device performing the function of a pump.

Additionally, the bulb may be provided with vibrators, enhancers erection. There is also a ring that fits over the base of the penis after the onset of an erection, if you plan to have sexual intercourse.

The penis is placed in a flask, starts to pump air rubber bulb. Due to the negative pressure in the flask increases blood flow to the sex organ. Hold in this position the pump for 1 minute, then open the valve the air goes out, the member acquires original appearance.

Thanks to its simple principle but very effective technique, to improve the potency, increase sexual organ, to get rid of some diseases. Vacuum pump recommended by specialists as one of the most effective, safe means. The device has no contraindications, can be used at any age.

How does the pump

penis enlargement.

The principle of operation is quite simple. With the help of vacuum around the penis appears weak pressure, causing the stimulation of blood circulation. Because of this, the cavernous tissue are filled with blood, due to which there is a rapid increase and hardening of the penis. A similar phenomenon in medicine is called hyperemia.

During erection tissue of the member fill with blood, they swell greatly. Vacuum pump stimulates the blood vessels and allows you to keep the size of the penis 30 to 60 minutes. Also, this device can be used instead of the massager.

The pressure in the flask expands the erectile tissues, significantly increasing blood flow and penis size. Member after the pump seems much more effective than conventional stimulation.

Do not abuse a vacuum pump during use. This sexual organ will not become more than it should, but the bleeding, bruising and other complications may occur!

How to use for penis enlargement?

In order to avoid any side effects of penis pumps, you need to correctly use such equipment.

Any pump has a manual, following the rules which you can learn how to properly use such equipment.

To guard against injury to the penis during use of the vacuum pump, you should select the model of the equipment fitted with a safety valve. This element protects the penis from injury associated with a sharp pressure drop in the tube.

Manual vacuum pump:

  1. Even before the first use of a vacuum enlarger for penis up of this equipment must be washed with warm water and soap. To boil and parboil the device not because it will lead to failure.
  2. Need to find the nozzle at the base of the cylinder and apply a little grease.
  3. The penis in a fully relaxed should carefully enter all the way into the tube. Before procedure it is necessary to achieve ejaculation, so the body was completely relaxed.
  4. Holding the flask with one hand, you need to start to evacuate the air from the flask.
  5. After pumping air, check tightness of the bulb.
  6. After a while the men occurs erection. Penis maybe a little blush, what seems to be the norm.
  7. Half a minute later, the flask via the open valve to fill with air.
  8. When the erection will disappear, all actions are repeated.

First, the duration of exposure should not exceed 30 seconds. Gradually this indicator can be increased to 40 seconds, minutes and so on. The same applies to the "rest" period.

In the case when erection disappears too quickly, you need to use the ring. This item will curb the outflow of blood from the penis.

You need to remember that the use of a vacuum pump does not require the use of equipment that has been used by another man.

Any devices that are in contact to the genitals of the person should be an individual.

Vacuum enlarger stored in a box that allows you to protect equipment from the negative effects.

To properly use the pump for penis enlargement, you need to take into account the peculiarities of its functioning. If the equipment is equipped with an air pump, the first from the equipment air is evacuated.

When you have reached the maximum an erection, you need to take the ring and put it on the base member. This element will allow to avoid a sharp loss of an erection.

If we are talking about a vacuum pump with hydro-pump, then you need to take into account the following features of using such equipment:

  1. The man needs to take a bath filled with hot water. This will relax the scrotum, which is important when using hydro pump.
  2. Before using the device it is necessary to achieve ejaculation. You can then submerge the pump in water and to enter the penis.
  3. Mitigating bezel ring pump must be hermetically attached to the scrotum.
  4. You need to gradually create a vacuum. Unnecessary water can be drained by special valve, which is equipped with hydro pump for men.
  5. When to inflate does not work, need to relax and wait 5 minutes. After all actions are repeated.

Vacuum pump, many manufacturers or advertisers are positioned as a means to increase the penis. The change is due to the regular exercise of the muscles, cleansing the cavernous cells, which interfere with blood flow.

When a natural erection filling the member of blood is increased to 7 times, when using the pump, it reaches up to 12. With regular use of the device is possible to increase the penis by several centimeters.

In fact, to produce the desired result will require one month of daily training. In most cases the increase in size of the penis occurs, but the effect lasts long. Under the influence of pump penis receives more blood than during a natural erection, of course, the member increases. But you should stop using the device, everything will return to normal.

However, in a situation when a member was large, and then decreased in size due to weak erection, the pump can return to its former size. Renewed blood flow, exercise the muscles, clears the cavernous body.


a penis pump

All vacuum pumps have a similar construction, given their principle of operation. The vessel in which a male body is a plastic flask with graduations. Along with it there is a nozzle of the seal and the bag, which is inflated the pressure inside the flask.

There are devices with additional devices: press pressure control, pressure gauge, valves to reset.

Manual air is inflated, and is removed with the help of pear or piston. Their application is good because they are available to every man who wants to increase their genitals.

In the automatic vacuum is created by the electric pump running on batteries. The pressure can be monitored on the pressure gauge mounted and some samples are equipped with a button control suction power.

Water devices are more modern enlarger male penis. Their principle of operation is based on the fact that instead of air, the bulb is inflated with water via the pump. Hydro pump has more efficiency and the life of it longer.

In some models there are additional elements in the form of regulator or release valve. There are types of pumps that increase manhood:

  1. Manual. To remove the device from the air, you want to use pear or a special piston. Hand pump is accessible and easy to use. Moreover, it allows to achieve the expected result, but it will have to work hard.
  2. Automatic. They come with a pump, which quickly reduces the pressure in the flask. To use the machine, you must insert the batteries. For penis enlargement with pump is not required to make special efforts, as all manipulations are carried out automatically.
  3. Water. This is a relatively new model. Instead of the air is water. The flask has a cuff with the pump. The result after application of the device is achieved quickly. It is considered safer than other types of pumps.

When choosing the right type of pump, be sure to pay attention to the characteristics of the proposed models. This will allow you to pick the best option.